Security Measures That Can Help Protect Your Gift Shop

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Security Measures That Can Help Protect Your Gift Shop

11 August 2017
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If you have been losing inventory at your gift shop, thanks to sneaky and calculating individuals who have been taking advantage of the fact that you have no cameras in your shop and are often busy handling customers needs, protect your business and the merchandise that you sell by following the advice listed below. By utilizing the information, losses inside of your business will be kept to a minimum and you can complete daily tasks without feeling as if you are neglecting your business as a whole.

Hire A Plainly-Clothed Security Guard

Interview several security guards who are available to work during the hours that your shop is open. Ask each person who has been trained to be a guard for their work history and reference before deciding to hire one of them. After hiring a security guard, request that they wear clothing that will blend in with other shoppers who frequent your business.

Purchase a two-way radio and supply the guard with one of the handsets. The security guard can walk around the inside and outside of your business during pre-scheduled times and inform you of what is occurring or any suspicious behavior. This will allow you to act quickly and contact authorities if something is occurring that seems suspicious.

Install Cameras Throughout Your Shop

Security cameras have come a long way from the days that bulky equipment was needed to record footage. Today, there are a wide range of cameras to choose from. Some cameras are designed to look like everyday objects, such as soda bottles, food packages, or basic decorations.

There are other types of cameras that are designed to be smaller than typical cameras. These tiny cameras can be hidden in between merchandise or over a specific part of your shop. Hire a security installation specialist to assist with choosing a camera that is right for your needs. Ask the installer if there is a way to connect the footage to one of your media devices so that you can consistently watch the footage that is recorded inside of your shop.

Tag Items That Require Deactivation Upon Purchase

Security tags that have a magnetic field secured to them can be affixed to high priced items in your shop. If you choose to have a system installed near the entryway to your shop that will alert you to items leaving without being deactivated, you will stay ahead of the ballgame at all times. After securing tags to merchandise, clerks who are employed by you can deactivate the tags by sliding merchandise over a deactivating field.

Contact companies that can help you install security systems for more information and assistance.