Not Using A Computerized Maintenance Program? 4 Reasons You Should Switch To CMMS Software

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Not Using A Computerized Maintenance Program? 4 Reasons You Should Switch To CMMS Software

19 December 2017
 Categories: Technology, Blog

If you're still monitoring your workplace maintenance issues the old-fashioned way – with paper and pen- you're wasting valuable time and money. For better efficiency, you should be using a computerized maintenance management system, or CMMS for your maintenance needs. CMMS software allows you to track your maintenance needs through a computerized program, which means there will be less room for error. If you're still not sure that your business will benefit from CMMS software, here are four reasons that will change your mind.

No Maintenance Schedules to Remember

There's nothing worse than missing important maintenance deadlines, especially when it comes to the equipment your business depends on. Missed maintenance can lead to malfunctions, which can slow down productivity. However, missed maintenance can also lead to issues with your warranties, which can lead to increased costs. With CMMS software, all your maintenance records will be computerized, and you'll receive automatic reminders when deadlines are approaching. Not only that, but you can program your software to schedule the maintenance appointments automatically, which means you won't need to deal with them at all.

Improves Management of Workflow

When you run a business, you need a productive workflow. However, you can always get that when the paperwork is being handled manually. Unfortunately, mistakes in scheduling, order tracking, and work orders can lead to increased costs and decreased productivity. Luckily, if you're using CMMS software, your program will take care of all that for you, which means you'll enjoy an improvement in the management of your workflow.

Saves Money on Unexpected Operating Costs

When you're working on a deadline, you can't afford to wait for repairs. Unfortunately, that's exactly what you'll need to do if your equipment malfunctions. In order to get back on track so you don't miss those deadlines, you'll need to approve overtime for your employees. So, not only will you be facing unexpected repair costs, but you'll also be losing money through overtime payments. Because CMMS software tracks your maintenance records, you'll experience less frequent breakdowns, which means your repair costs and overtime costs will go down.

Keeps Everyone in the Loop


When you've got multiple departments, you need paperwork to flow effectively. You can't afford delays in paperwork, especially when it comes to orders. One of the benefits of CMMS software is that you can transmit paperwork electronically to every department simultaneously. That means you'll be able to reduce the use of ineffective paperwork.


If you're not using CMMS software at your place of business, it's time to make the change. Your business will run much more efficiently.