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Manage Your Nonprofit With The Right Software

16 January 2019
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Nonprofit organizations rely on donations to survive. Without money raised through fundraising and donation drives, it would be impossible for any nonprofit to pay its employees and fulfill its charitable mission.

Because of the important role donations play in a nonprofit, managing fundraising campaigns is a critical part of today's nonprofit administration. The right software program can make it a lot easier to perform essential tasks that are designed to set your nonprofit up for future success.


One of the ways that nonprofit organizations raise money is through fundraising. Fundraisers have evolved significantly as technology has infiltrated the nonprofit sector. Many organizations now host their fundraisers online, which means donors need to be able to make online payments.

The right software program will make it easy to integrate merchant capabilities into the design of your existing website so that you can maximize the effectiveness of future fundraisers.

Social Engagement

Another way that technology has affected the way nonprofits operate is through the rising popularity of social media sites. Nonprofit organizations can now expand their fundraising efforts on a global scale by engaging with other users on social media platforms.

Designing a social media campaign can be tricky, but the right software program allows you to streamline the process. Be sure that your software schedules social media posts, integrates all social media sites into a single platform for more effective management, and provides analytics so you can improve your outreach efforts in the future.

Information Security

Once an individual has donated to your nonprofit organization, he or she may be more likely to donate again in the future. Gathering repeat donations requires that you notify past donors of future fundraising events. Your software suite should serve as an asset in helping you manage your donor database.

Personal information provided by donors needs to be kept secure, so look for a software program that relies on encryption to prevent data leaks. Ensure that the database feature is simple to use, with options for printing mailing labels and personalizing donation request letters. The right donor database can serve as a valuable resource for your nonprofit.

Using technology like Raiser's Edge training resources, you can make the administration of your nonprofit organization much easier. With the right software suite, you can easily manage your fundraising activities, engage more effectively with social media followers, and keep donor information secure. All of these features allow you to maximize the effectiveness of fundraising efforts to improve the success of your nonprofit in the future.