Merchandising Ideas To Help Boost Sales In A Smart Home Store

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Merchandising Ideas To Help Boost Sales In A Smart Home Store

4 December 2020
 Categories: Technology, Blog

Whether you operate a smart home store or a smart home department in a larger retail store, adding the right merchandising can make it easier for customers to find the right items to automate their dwellings. Here are some ways to merchandise your products for maximum impact and added convenience.

DIY Product Demonstrations

The best way to help people to fall in love with smart devices is to let them try the smart devices out firsthand. Set up mini home spaces throughout your store with smart devices connected and ready for use. For example, you might set up a small sofa and end table with a lamp connected to a smart plug and a smart TV on the wall. Have signs printed to give customers instructions on how to command the devices. The cards might say "show me new movies for rent" to navigate programming options on the television or "dim the lights" for the lamp connected to the smart plug. Customers can play around with commands to experience all the features these devices have to offer.

Smart Home Bundles

For those just starting out with home automation, it can be difficult to know which items to purchase.. Consider setting up an aisle end cap with smart home essentials prominently displayed. This might include smart LED bulbs, smart outlets, and smart thermostats. Be sure to add hubs for people to create a central command station for their devices. You can also display smart speakers in this area for those who want to rely on voice commands in addition to smartphone apps to automate their homes. You may also want to print signs that suggest how many smart plugs and lights should be purchased to equip homes of different sizes. This can help drive more sales and give shoppers a simple way to prep their homes for automation.

Home Entertainment Station

Smart devices for home entertainment offer an easy entry into home automation. Streaming media devices, for example, make learning voice activation simple. Consider creating a separate section in your store dedicated to home entertainment. This space can feature smart televisions, streaming media sticks, smart remotes, and wireless speakers. Build mini displays that show how these devices can be used together to create a seamless home theater system. Smart displays and tablets can be merchandised here as well, as they can be used to control programming, volume, and sound. For a perfect finishing touch, add Bluetooth-enabled recliners or home theater chairs to create a setup that inspires customers to create their own futuristic seating area. These seats come with built-in wireless speakers, USB ports, and even LED lighting to add extra fun to movie screenings and viewing parties.