How To Use And Get The Most From Your Teleprompter

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How To Use And Get The Most From Your Teleprompter

12 March 2021
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Teleprompters are a critical part of several broadcasts. Whether you're in news, have a social media channel, or are working on any other kind of production, it's important that you set yourself up with a teleprompter that will serve you well. Just as importantly, make sure that you find a professional teleprompter operator that can assist you. Use the suggestions in this article to put your broadcast in the best position to succeed by taking care of your teleprompter needs.

What kind of teleprompter do you have?

Before hiring a teleprompter operator, it's helpful to know what kind of equipment that you're working with. This way, you can find a professional that understands both the mechanics of the device and how to get the most out of the teleprompter software. Repair and maintain your teleprompter as well so that your professional can get the best use from it. If you need a new model, choose a teleprompter brand that has been around for decades and used in several different industries.

Do you have a trained teleprompter operator?

Once you're ready to use and get the most out of your teleprompter, start by figuring out who you want to handle the operation. You will need to either train a teleprompter operator that you have on-staff or hire someone that you can bring onto your team. Teleprompter operators earn an average salary of roughly $35,000 per year. Having one of these professionals by your side helps you to get the most of your broadcast, and lets your journalists speak freely without having to be tied to their script. A running teleprompter will flow more fluidly like natural speech patterns. This way, the language spoken will feel organic and will help the quality of your broadcast overall.

Are you ready to put forth the best broadcast or presentation?

It's up to you to use the teleprompter as leverage toward creating the best possible broadcast. To do this, make sure that you thoroughly proofread the text, and write a few drafts until you get it just right. Ask your professionals what fonts and text sizes they prefer so that they don't have any issues seeing and reading it. Make sure that you are also upgrading the production values through quality lighting, the best cameras you can find, and impeccable audio equipment.

Start with these tips and find the help of some teleprompter professionals that can assist you. For more information, contact a teleprompter service.