3 Reasons To Choose DR Solutions That Include A Hybrid Multi-Cloud Option

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3 Reasons To Choose DR Solutions That Include A Hybrid Multi-Cloud Option

7 February 2022
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There are a variety of issues that can lead to data loss or security breaches. Even if data is properly protected and can be restored, the recovery process can be complex. It can result in downtime and loss of revenue. Depending on the extent of the circumstances, it could take hours or longer to get a business back fully functioning.

Companies that rely solely on onsite storage run the risk of not being able to recover quickly. If their servers or other hardware are affected, it can create a hectic work environment that negatively impacts productivity. This is why many businesses are taking advantage of technological advancements that offer hybrid cloud solutions for disaster recovery situations. The following points identify key reasons why these DR solutions are ideal for businesses that require data storage and backup.


Some small business owners may feel that they cannot compete with their competitors who have larger establishments and access to more capital. Hybrid clouds solutions can help to level the "playing field" for smaller businesses that may not have the funds to invest in dedicated IT departments and hardware. Third-party disaster recovery services can be customized for businesses while keeping in mind the available budget. If their needs change, they can scale up or down and add services accordingly.

Flexible Storage

It is understandable that some companies to want to have their data stored onsite. However, having the data backed up to one or more locations is ideal because it improves the likelihood of the data not getting destroyed in an emergency situation. Data that is backed up to hybrid multi-cloud solutions is safe, secure, and virtually stored. It offers a measure of data protection that other options cannot compete with.

If a natural disaster occurs that affects a large area of the country, The hybrid cloud can safely store information and can be easily accessed by those who have the authority and need to access it. There are not any concerns about equipment damage and other disasters that can happen at a physical location. Some providers offer backup at multiple access points to ensure that their clients do not suffer losses.

Peace of Mind and Insurance

The loss of data can cost companies a lot of money and resources. If the data loss includes information breaches, lawsuits could occur. Sensitive information such as customer contact and proprietary information could be lost or exposed. A DR solutions provider is the best resource to use to understand more of the benefits companies can garner by choosing hybrid cloud solutions. 

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