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Learning About The History and Future of Technology

Hello, my name is Jorgi Grimwell. Welcome to my website about technology. When I was a kid, technology was just on the rise with the development of personal computers and the internet landscape. Since then, it seems that technology has quickly become more sophisticated year after year. Walking around with the internet in your pocket was just a dream when I was growing up, but is now a fun reality today. I will talk about the development of technologically advanced items on this site to help everyone understand their history and future. Please feel free to come by my site daily to learn more.


3 Advantages Of Millimeter Wave Antennas

31 March 2022
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While microwaves may be the most well-known of radio frequencies, modern antenna technology allows for the transmittal of millimeter waves as well. The differences between the two may seem slight at first glance, but millimeter wave antennas offer a number of capabilities that microwaves simply can't. Mobile phones, smartwatches, and a host of internet-connected devices can all take advantage of these capabilities. Keep reading below for just a few of the biggest benefits that millimeter wave antennas offer. Read More …

3 Reasons To Choose DR Solutions That Include A Hybrid Multi-Cloud Option

7 February 2022
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There are a variety of issues that can lead to data loss or security breaches. Even if data is properly protected and can be restored, the recovery process can be complex. It can result in downtime and loss of revenue. Depending on the extent of the circumstances, it could take hours or longer to get a business back fully functioning. Companies that rely solely on onsite storage run the risk of not being able to recover quickly. Read More …

Important Things Provided By Ediscovery Managed Services For Attorneys

16 September 2021
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In order for attorneys to be thorough in building cases and compiling evidence, they have to engage in a practice known as eDiscovery. It can bring meaningful facts and data to the legal table. There are managed services specifically dedicated to eDiscovery for attorneys, which can provide a couple of things. Refine Documents Being Reviewed If you attempted to look at every document that came in for a particular legal case, that's a lot of time you would have to spare. Read More …

Ensuring Consumers’ Data Protection With Proper Training

21 June 2021
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The advancement in technology has seen most companies migrate online. Companies use online platforms to market and sell their products directly to their consumers more conveniently than ever. As many companies run on online and automated processes and systems, they must safeguard their security integrity. Companies need cloud-savvy information and data protection professionals to protect themselves from external breaches.  Considering that companies house sensitive trade secrets and private customer data in their cloud systems, they invest heavily in cloud computing security systems to secure their data. Read More …

How Detailed Does FEA Need To Be?

28 April 2021
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One of the biggest factors in determining how involved finite element analysis will be is the level of detail. Someone seeking FEA services may wonder what level of detail is necessary for their project. FEA consulting professionals look at these four factors to answer their questions. Assumptions Some assumptions in the process are very well-known. Consequently, they don't necessarily call for more granular studies of what would happen. If you're trying to figure out how many cars can sit on a bridge in traffic before the structure would fail, most of the assumptions are close to set in stone. Read More …